Automation to hit
your goals without setbacks.

Visualize your automation and achieve harmony with our beautiful drag and drop designer. Simpler. Seamless. Transformative.

Visual Canvas
Pre-built tasks

Built for humans

With our easy to use workflow editor - enable new ways of of solving your problems.

More time for impactful work

Free people up from mundane work and drive greater innovation through our extensive library of pre-built tasks.

Empower everyone

We understand not all processes are 100% automated - prompt for interactive input with actions and approvals. Assignable to one or a group.

Automate with schedules and triggers

Schedule tasks at regular intervals or trigger them based on events from external systems. Gradually enhance the automation of your workflows.

Full visibility into every run

View every task in every run so you can tell exactly what happened. Logs. Status messages. Output. Everything in one place.

Design. Automate. Transform.

Experience the no-code automation users love and focus on the automation instead of the code.

A Workflow for every use case.


Automate repetitive tasks and unlock time for impactful work

Transfer data between systems
Enter data into a spreadsheet
Get notified when a form is submitted
Engage with a customer after a sale.


Increase response efficiency with automated actions

Remove runaway cloud spend by shutting down aged or untagged cloud infrastructure
Respond to alerts with automated runbooks
Create runbooks with approvals for the whole team to kick off
Reusable actions triggered from Slack


Automate integrations between applications or set up bots to make your life easier.

Code repository management - label ageing issues or remove merged branches
Bring your own container for custom executions
Add important manual actions
Guard with approvals